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This new section of our Close Contact e-newsletter will focus on issues specific to public health nursing and tuberculosis control and prevention efforts.

Read Drs. Michael Lauzardo's and David Ashkin's thanks and best wishes for Nurses Week 2009

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May 2009 • Vol. 4 • Issue 3
National Nurses Week

Celebrating Nurses Week and the Vital Role
of Nurses in TB Care

nationalnursesweeklogoNational Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6 through May 12.  The last day, May 12th, coincides with Florence Nightingale's birthday.  Nightingale is considered to be the founder of modern day nursing.  Annually, National Nurses Week focuses on highlighting the diverse ways in which nurses are working to improve health care and this year's theme is "Nurses: Building a Healthy America." According to American Nurses Association (ANA) President Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR, "This year's theme reflects the commitment nurses make every day in building a healthy America for the public we serve."  Read more >>

In this issue of Close Contact, the SNTC highlights the critical importance of nurses in TB care. We are especially grateful to the nurses on our SNTC team for their contributions to our work and are thankful to the wonderful nurses who have partnered with us, in large and small ways. Without nurses, TB control as we know it in the United States would not be the same and would not be nearly as effective.
Nurse Case Managers:  The Pursuit of Excellence in TB Care and Control

Today, nurses are trained in the "nursing process," which provides the fundamental framework for tuberculosis case management. Nurses have played an essential role in the control of tuberculosis since the late 1800s.  Koch provided the biological explanation for tuberculosis, but the disease is more than that; it has significant social risk factors strongly tied to infection and the development of disease. Evolving from the earliest concepts of the "visiting nurse," the role of the nurse has expanded over the intervening centuries to encompass all facets of the delivery and quality control of implementing the TB treatment plan and controlling TB in the community. Read more >>

Upcoming Training Events

May 12-14, 2009
TB Program Management Course
Raleigh, North Carolina, More info >>

June 1-4, 2009
Comprehensive Clinical TB Course
A.G. Holley Hospital, Lantana, Florida, More info >>

June 5, 2009
Tuberculin Skin Test Train-the-Trainer Course
A.G. Holley Hospital, Lantana, Florida, More info >>

July 8, 2009
The Global Control of TB: Implications for TB Elimination
in the U.S.

A clinical Web-based opportunity with Kenneth G. Castro, MD, Director, Division of TB Elimination, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  More info >>

July 8, 2009
TB Morbidity and Mortality
Clinical Web-based conference, More info >>
Coming Soon... 

In an effort to serve our region better, SNTC's partner for continuing education, the Suwannee River Area Health Education Center (SRAHEC) has developed a new online event registration system. In the near future, as you register for our upcoming events you will notice a few changes to our process. You will still access SNTC's training from our website <> but the registration page will look a bit different.

Most notably among the changes, you may "create an account" which will allow you to establish an account with a password so the system will remember your information for future events. We will also be able to provide additional event information during registration and you will receive an automatic confirmation message to confirm your event registration. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transition. If you have questions about the new registration process please email or call 888-265-7682.
Girl Scouts Observe World TB Day and Assist Patients at A.G. Holley State Hospital 

girlscoutsJunior Girl Scout Troop 165 from Gainesville, FL observed World TB Day 2009 by working on a "Cookies 4 a Change" service project. Recognizing that some patients at A.G. Holley are indigent and most have limited ability to shop on their own while hospitalized for treatment, the girls collected donated clothing, books, magazines, puzzles and games.  The girls also used the proceeds from their cookie sales to purchase additional health and beauty products for the patients.  The girls gathered over 25 boxes of items for the patients.  For more information about how you can help the patients at A.G. Holley, please contact the SNTC at
If only this were true: Beer (or Tea) as a Cure
for TB!
Think of how many TB patients would be cured!

The sign below was seen at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, FL:

hops signCommon (European) Hops
Humulus Iupulus "Gold Nugget"

Cannibidoceae N. Temperate Regions

Female flowers used since medieval times for beer making in Europe. An important medicinal herb as well since flowers have a pronounced calming effect when tinctured or brewed as tea. An effective remedy for insomnia and nervous tension. Contains humulone and lupulone which may be effect (sic.) against tuberculosis.

Editor's note: Clinical trials have not been conducted to determine the effectiveness of beer as a treatment for latent TB infection, TB disease, or the prevention of infection. Daily dosing schedules have not been established. Individuals opting to use a personal investigational new drug regimen should also consider intermittent therapy.

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