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SNTC Staff

The SNTC staff is here to serve you. We always look forward to seeing you at conferences, trainings, and other events across the Southeast. Please contact us at any time.


Photo of Dr. Michael Lauzardo
Michael Lauzardo, MD, MSc
Principal Investigator
Email Dr. Lauzardo

Photo of Dr. David Ashkin
David Ashkin, MD
Medical Director
Co-Principal Investigator
Email Dr. Ashkin

Medical Consultants

Please call our 24-hour hotline at 800-4TB-INFO or request an online consultation.

Photo of Dr. Ana Alvarez
Ana Alvarez, MD
Medical Consultant

Photo of Dr. Thomas Dobbs
Thomas Dobbs, MD
Medical Consultant

Photo of Karen L. Farrell
Karen L. Farrell, RN, BSN, RM
Nurse Consultant

Photo of Dr. Connie Haley
Connie Haley, MD, MPH
Medical Consultant


Photo of Maria Gomez
Maria Gomez
Consultation Coordinator
Email Maria

Photo of Paula C. Hamsho-Diaz
Paula C. Hamsho-Diaz, MD, MA
Evaluation Specialist
Latin American and Domestic Projects Coordinator
Email Paula

Photo of Ellen Murray
Ellen Murray, Ph.D., BSN, RN
Training Coordinator
Nurse Consultant
Email Ellen

Photo of Stefani Nixon
Stefani Nixon, MPH, CTTS
Training Coordinator
Email Stefani

Photo of Meghan Nodurft-Froman
Meghan Nodurft-Froman, MPH
Training Coordinator
Email Meghan

Photo of Stephen Ryan
Stephen Ryan
Software Engineer
Email Steve

Photo of Donna Setzer
Donna Setzer
Co-executive Director
Director, e-Learning and Online Technology
Email Donna

Photo of Karen D. Simpson
Karen D. Simpson, MSHSE
Co-executive Director
Director, Training and Education
Email Karen

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