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Map of Haiti, 2013. (The World Factbook)

Project Description

  • Collaboration with the Laboratoire National de Sante de Publique (LNSP) in Haiti: The Republic of Haiti is in the process of developing a reference lab network that will provide advanced laboratory techniques including culture and susceptibility, rapid molecular diagnostic techniques, and other rapid diagnostic tests. The Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center (SNTC) is partnering with the LNSP to establish a state of the art Tuberculosis diagnostic laboratory that will not only function as part of the LNSP TB lab network but as a training site to develop lab technologists capable of serving in the LNSP lab network facilities. This lab will be a functional part of the LNSP network and part of the training will be conducted in Gainesville with staff from the SNTC.

Project Purpose

  • Collaboration with Programme National de Lutte contre la Tuberculose (PNLT) in Haiti:The overarching goal of the PNLT in Haiti is to reduce Tuberculosis prevalence by 25% by 2015 and to continue this progress in future years. A large part of achieving this goal will be implementing a strategically structured training regimen for staff in the PNLT and the general public health core in Haiti. To accomplish these objectives the Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center is partnering with the PNLT to create a 12 module curriculum and more general TB training for an intensive clinical course that covers the many aspects of the diagnosis, treatment and management of tuberculosis in both English and French.

  • Map of Haiti, 2013. (The World Factbook)

Course Modules

Additional Lectures


  • Michael Lauzardo, MD, MSc
  • Connie Haley, MD, MPH
  • Faiz Ahmad Khan, MD, MPH, FRCP
  • Henry Boom, MD
  • Heidi Hammond Epstein, RN, MPH
  • Ana Alvarez, MD


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